Profiting by the Word

A user manual for a washing machine is very critical to a first-time user because the manufacturer provides the user with the appropriate understanding of the purpose (function or use) and power (time saving value, among other values) of the washing machine.

God is the “manufacturer” of all believers, and the Word (the Bible) is God’s user manual for the believer, it provides believers with the appropriate understanding of the purpose (the believer’s functions) and power (the believer’s authority) of God’s children.

As believers, we will only be able to successfully fulfill out functions and exercise our authority in Christ when we have in-depth understanding on God’s Word. By consistent engagement in the word, we get more understanding of the author, and ourselves in the light of God’s plan and purpose for us.

In our School of the Word, engaging the Bible – Part 1, we take participants on a journey to understand:

  1. The origin, reliability, and authenticity of the word
  2. The how and importance of studying the Word