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Art of Worship

The only perfect and secure place the entire galaxy is in the presence of our God, and the only way to get into His presence and stay in His presence is through our WORSHIP.

Change and dynamism have become a more constant feature in world we live in today, and many times, we are forced to go through changes that do not always align with our hopes and aspirations, changes that shake us to our cores. In times like these, we only survive the shaking by being anchored in Christ – the solid rock.

As we understand from scriptures, Christ sits at the right hand of His Father, so the same place where we get perfection and security, is the same place where we get our anchoring; as such, we can say that in the changing and dynamic world that we live in, worship gives us access to stability, security, and perfection.

In our School of Worship, we explore the true meaning of worship from the scriptures, with the objective of helping every participant to gain the understanding required to build a lifestyle of consistent worship. So, join this class to:

  1. Learn about worship as homage or grateful submission to God,
  2. Learn about worship as service to others,
  3. Learn about worship as reverence or respect for God,
  4. Learn about the worship in the New Testament.