Marital Bliss Activation Workshop (Island only)

This program was created by the Institute of Family Engineering and Development led by the renowned family life coach, Praise Fowowe. Using a research-based template, this workshop employs a practical, common-sense approach to help couples build a solid marriage and set them up to become a dream team. Each session will have class activities where couples will use tools to create solutions that will move their marriages to the next level. There will also be time for couples to have crucial conversations with the aid of simple templates that allows us to be vulnerable to have intimate conversations. Couples will gain fresh, empowering perspectives and take control of the destiny of their marriages.  They will learn;

  • How to create your family legend, values and vision statement.
  • How to create and use your spouse’s users’ manuals.
  • The importance of ‘Open Day’ and ‘Royalty Day’.
  • How to practically improve your relationship skills.
  • How to create routines and rituals that will aid marital fitness and so on.


This program is for married couples of all ages. It runs for 6 Sundays and will be facilitated by Pastor Seun Afolayan, Mrs. Ayo Lawrence and other trained Family Life coaches.

Dates: Sunday 29th September – Sunday 3rd November 2019

Time: 5PM – 7PM