Fruitful: A Fertility Masterclass

This masterclass will empower couples who are believing God for the gift of children with the right knowledge to make informed decisions about different options that are available to them while they wait. This class will help them to:

  • Boost their faith and reinforce their understanding of God’s word about fertility and fruitfulness.
  • Access information on child-bearing options from experts in the field.
  • Deal with internal, familial and societal pressures.


This class is for couples trusting God and those close to them. Facilitators include Mrs. Emem Akenzua, a social reformer and Managing Trustee of The Heritage Homes Orphanage, Lagos, a licensed medical practitioner who specializes in fertility as well as other pastors and ministers.

Island – Saturday 14th September. Time – 10am

Mainland Sunday 15th September. Time – 5pm