Confession of Faith: Career progress


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  1. I am filled with the knowledge of God’s will for my career in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, and I walk worthy of the Lord pleasing him in all my ways on the job and abounding in the knowledge of God and His will for my success.
  2. God gives me wisdom and favour in the sight of my superiors and they are raising me to higher levels of responsibility and leadership (Acts 7:10)
  3. God brings me into favour and tender love with my supervisors and the leaders in my organisation (Daniel 1:9)
  4. I am preferred above my peers, because an excellent spirit is in me; and leaders’ desire increasing levels of responsibility, leadership and promotion for me. (Daniel 6:3)
  5. I am encompassed with favour as with a shield (Psalms 5:12)
  6. I am full of the Spirit of God, light, understanding and excellent wisdom is found in me. Wisdom (Daniel 5:14)
  7. I am filled with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship (Exodus 31:3)
  8. I progress in my career because I have an excellent spirit and know more than my mates and superiors. I am diligent, and I stand before the leaders and people of authority in my field and not mere men.
  9. Doors of opportunities are opening unto me. Trainings, mentors and opportunities to excel are made available unto me for the earth belongs to God, my father and I have access to all things.