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Confession of faith: Life partner


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  1. I seek out of the book of the Lord and read; no one of these shall fail. I shall not want my
    mate, for the mouth of the Lord hath commanded and his spirit it hath gathereth them
    (Isaiah 34:16).
  2. I seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all things (including my life
    partner) are added unto me (Matthew 6:33).
  3. (For men) I am finding a wife, a good thing. I am obtaining favour from the Lord (Prov.18:22)
  4. (For men) I receive a prudent wife from the LORD (Proverbs 19:14) She shall be as a fruitful
    vine by the sides of my house (Ps.128:3)
  5. I am not unwise, but I understand what the will of the Lord for my marriage
  6. (For women) I am a woman of virtue, polished and fit for the palace. I am full of
    understanding and I an industrious woman, highly fruitful in all that I do.
  7. I am allowing patience have its perfect work, that I may be perfect, entire and lacking
    nothing (James 1:4)
  8. God has set me in a family and I am not solitary for male and female he created them and
    he has made room for me to prosper.