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Confession of faith: Healing health


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  1. I declare that Christ has redeemed me from the curse of the law. Therefore, I forbid any sickness or
    disease to come upon my body. Every disease germ and every virus that touches this body dies
    instantly in the name of Jesus. Every organ and every tissue of this body functions in the perfection
    to which God created it to function. And I forbid any malfunction in this body, in the name of Jesus.”
    (Galatians 3:13; Romans 8:11; Genesis 1:30; Matthew16:19).
  2. I give attention to the words of God and incline my ear to His sayings. I do not let them depart from
    my sight; I keep them in the midst of my heart. For they are life to me as I find them, and health to
    my whole body. (Proverbs 4:20-22)
  3. The Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in me, He who raised Christ Jesus from the
    dead is giving life to my mortal body through His Spirit who indwells me therefore, every part of my
    body that is afflicted and failing is rejuvenated. (Rom. 8:11)
  4. I serve the LORD my God, and He blesses my bread and my water; and He removes sickness from
    me. I am liberated from hereditary afflictions in my family because I have the life of God flowing in
    me. I am disciplined to maintain the right diet, rest well and exercise my body properly. I am not a
    glutton and I am not ruled by my appetite for food. (Exodus 23:25)
  5. Jesus Himself was pierced for my transgressions, crushed for my iniquities, the chastening for my
    well-being fell upon Him and with His stripes I was healed! The Lord has sent His word and healed
    me and delivered me from destruction. Therefore, every affliction in my body is pulled out by the
    root and withers. (Isaiah 53:5, Psalm 107:20)
  6. I bless the Lord with all that is in me and I forget none of His benefits. He pardons all my iniquities
    and heals all my diseases. (Psalm 103:1-3)