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Confession of faith: Marriage family


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  1. My spouse is a confident, graceful and amazing personality. I love him/her with all my heart.
    Nothing comes between us. We are joined by the Prince of peace. Our union is forever fruitful and
    useful. We relate with each other intelligently and respectfully. No one takes advantage of the
    other. Our hearts, bodies and spirit are knit together. We experience the synergy of union and put a
    million to flight. Our days are full of the goodness of God and our youth is renewed every passing
    day. We possess the mind of God and build our marriage as an altar for the Lord. Strife is not in us.
    Rather Love is the spirit of our relationship. We act wisely at all times seeking the best for the other
    person. Our steps are in synch with the Spirit and each other. We motivate each other to greater
    heights. Miracles happen all around us and for our benefit. We are healthy and live a long fulfilled
    life seeing our grand and great grand children.
  2. In the name of Jesus, I will not let any corrupt communication proceed out of my mouth, but only
    that which is good for edification. I am quick to listen and slow to speak. My words are acceptable to
    the Lord. I will put a guard on my mouth and keep the door of my lips shut from speaking anything
    ungodly. I love my mate with affectionate words and genuine concern. I aim for and am eager to
    seek harmony in my marriage by building up my spouse. (Ephesians 4:29, James 1:19, Psalms 19:14
    Psalms 141:3)
  3. Our family is a model of peace, trust and holiness. Our standard is the word of God. Our faith is in
    the resurrected Jesus. Our hope is in Him. We are going to Heaven and already partake of eternal
    life. Thanksgiving is our lifestyle. God adds to us daily. We are habitual givers; enriching the world
    around with the grace and flavor of the King of Kings. All creation assists our destinies. We are
    blessed in the city and in the field. We are the definition of the blessing of God in our generation. As
    ambassadors of God, we experience angelic assistance all around and every day. We are treated
    royally as children of the king and we expect the best wherever we go.