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Confession of faith: Fruit of the womb

CONFESSIONS OF FAITH: For The Elevation church

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  1. Heavenly father, I thank you because your word is settled in heaven and your faithfulness endures
    to all generations (Ps. 119v. 89). You have blessed me and commanded that I be fruitful and multiply
    (Gen. 1.v 28.).Your word assures me that you bless the fruit of my womb and that neither myself nor
    my children shall be barren. (Deut 7 v 13-14).
  2. I thank you Father that I am a joyful mother of children (Ps. 113 V 9), that I am indeed a fruitful vine by the sides of my husband’s house. I rejoice because my children will surround my table like the
    olive plants (Psalm 128 : 3.). Creator of Heaven and Earth, I praise you because my baby is fearfully
    and wonderfully made (ps. 139 v. 14). You are not a man that you should lie, nor the son of man that
    you should repent. (Num. 23. v 19).
  3. You have said Lord that whatever things I ask in prayer, believing I will receive (Matt.21v. 22). And
    like Hannah, Lord, I know I can declare that for this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me my
    petition which I asked of Him (1 Sam 1: 27). I thank you Lord, because like Rachel I can say with joy
    that God has taken away my reproach (Gen. 30 v. 23). I know Lord that without faith it is impossible
    to please you (Heb 11:6). Even as Sarah by faith received strength to conceive seed, I also receive
    strength by faith, in Jesus name, and I judge You faithful who has promised (Heb11:11).
  4. Heavenly father, even as Abraham did not waiver at your promise through unbelief, but was
    strengthened in faith giving glory to you, being fully convinced that what You have promised, You
    are also able to perform, so shall I not waiver Lord, and it will be accounted to me for righteousness
    (Rom 4 : 20-22). I will not cast away my confidence, which has great reward and I will be patient
    because Your word says that after doing your will, I will receive the promise (Heb. 10: 35-36).
  5. I thank you for all the advances in medicine and the sciences regarding infertility but I am not moved
    by my doctor’s negative report because my faith is not in the wisdom of men but in the power of
    God (1 Cor 2:5). I thank you Lord that the weapons of my warfare are not carnal but mighty to pull
    down strongholds (2 Cor 10:4). I come against Satan, all his cohorts and all manner of oppression in
    Jesus name. I pull down all strongholds of the enemy in Jesus name. I nullify all curses and covenants
    in Jesus name. I plead the blood of Jesus over my womb.
  6. Body, I speak to you in Jesus name. You will come in line and agreement with the word of God. Every
    organ and every tissue in my body and husband’s body function in perfection to which God created
    them to function and I forbid any malfunction in the name of Jesus (Gal 3:13; Rom. 8:11).
  7. I bless your Holy Lord for You have promised that they shall not be ashamed who wait for You (Is. 49
    :23) so I will hold fast the confession of my hope without wavering for i know that He who promised
    is faithful (Heb. 10: 23). I give You all the glory and all the praise Lord in Jesus name. Amen.
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