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The Seeds is the children Ministry of The Elevation Church.
Teenz Nation is the Teens Ministry of The Elevation Church
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Our Mission is to make Greatness common through our service to God

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Confession of faith for The Elevation church

CONFESSIONS OF FAITH: For The Elevation church

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  1. The Elevation Church inherits the souls of millions who are spiritually lost (Psalms 2:8). We operate in integrity and show favor to others; we guide our affairs with discretion (Psalm 112:5) As a worldwide ministry, we are blessed and favored of God to expand our outreach without hindrances of any kind (Deuteronomy 33:23; Isaiah 54:2-3).
  2. I declare that TEC carries out your purposes on the earth. I proclaim that the gospel of our lord Jesus is our greatest tool and that it bears great fruit as we preach and teach it. We declare that lives are changed daily by the ministry of The Elevation Church. Men receive salvation, revelation, correction and direction. We declare that broken lives and dreams are healed and made whole. We declare that our meetings are full of signs and wonders. We declare that the destitute are restored, the captives are delivered and the downcast are uplifted. We declare the fruits of our ministry abide and are numerous like the stars of the sky. We declare that our God working through us will chart new territories for His kingdom on the earth. This country will never remain the same because of your work through The Elevation Church.
  3. Laws work in our favor because Jesus is this ministry’s advocate (Esther 8:5; Romans 8:34; Hebrews 7:22-25). Because the Elevation Church intercedes for and offers thanks to God on behalf of all those in authority, this ministry finds favor with local, national and international leaders and governments. As a result, this ministry spearheads the body of Christ in quietness, peace, godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 2:1-3).
  4. As the Lord’s house, the Elevation Church is a people magnet, favored to draw thousands of members from the north, south, east and west (Isaiah 2:2-3). We declare that men are drawn to the brightness of the revelation of the son of God in our midst. We declare that men are being added to us daily. Men of skill, purpose and divine calling. We thank you for those you have purposed from the foundations of the earth to be part of this ministry and declare that they receive a strong stirring within their spirits and yield to your directions in this season.
  5. We have everything needed to fulfill God’s perfect will. God adds to this church family daily, so we have tens of thousands of committed, active and faithful members (Acts 2:47). We are able to pay every bill on time every time, because God supplies every need (Philippians 4:19). Our members are faithful with the little (Luke 19:17). They are 100-percent tithers; as such, they are connected to God’s power and receive a 100-fold return on the seed they sow. Members of the Elevation Church are blessed and highly favored because of their faithful support of and association with this ministry (Exodus 12:36; 1 Corinthians 9:11-14, 23; Philippians 1:7; 4:10-19).
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