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Cash Your Passion – A Guide to Financial Freedom

Finding your feet at the beginning of every year and positioning yourself to achieve set goals can be difficult sometimes. Mostly because when a new year starts, there are uncertainties about how the rest of the year will be. To some people, it is another year of ‘hustling’ and looking for how to put food on their table. January is almost gone and the year is running fast; there are many people who don’t know what the year will be like financially and don’t know where to start. The issue of unemployment has plagued Nigeria for a long time; students graduate without a job and many people lose their source of income due to redundancy.The questions is – should we fold our hands and complain when the job doesn’t come? Do we keep blaming the government for our predicaments and continue suffering? The answer is NO. Sometimes you need to be your own hero instead of waiting for someone else to come to your rescue; God has put in each of us a seed of greatness which we need to activate and manifest. Many of us have untapped skills that we don’t know how to exploit and make a source of livelihood from. I believe each of us has been gifted with a talent, skill, hobby – something you do that makes you happy while doing it. You have a passion, something unique about you that people can pay for. You need to wake up to these skills and START doing something about your life; if you don’t have a skill, it’s time to learn one that you’re passionate about.  It’s time to start earning cash from your passion and take charge of your finances.
You may be asking how this can be possible, here are few steps that can help you to identify your passion and  start earning from it –


Your life was crafted for a purpose. As you grow, you begin to ask yourself – what exactly am I here to do? Your heart is the best place to discover your true purpose. Start taking steps to do what you love; this will flood your heart with inspiration to take action in that direction, especially if it is something you have an unyielding connection to. When this happens, you are naturally excited and motivated to explore.


Everyone has a passion, we all have something that we’re experts in; something that provides us an inner sense of fulfilment and personal expression. Don’t know where to look to find your passion? Your passion may be hiding in your hobbies, it may be in your desire to make a difference or a childhood wish. It could also be found in your everyday activities that you don’t see as being profitable. Ask yourself, what could I do for a long time even without getting paid? The world needs what you can offer; so decide right now that you will find your passion.


There are many people who need what you can offer but they don’t know they need it until you open their eyes to see the need for it. All you need to do is create the need for your products and services and make your target customers see the need for them to buy it. To create a product of value, you must identify a problem that your passion can be a solution to.


The product you create must give VALUE to your customer; money gravitates towards value and without value, nobody will pay for your products/services. You may be wondering, there is no way my product or service can generate profit and you ask questions like – “who will pay money for my products or services”? You need to find the target customers who your product will cater to, then sell your products to them.

In the journey to cashing your passion, you may find yourself challenged by doubts and fears; you don’t have to give in to the excuses that arise from them. The idea of waiting for the ‘perfect’ time has stopped a lot of great minds from achieving their destinies. Don’t allow a belief in your current excuses to rob you of the opportunity to do what you love to do. Find the courage to face the fears that hold you back!

The world is waiting for you. You will never know the potentials you possess, how far you can go or how many pressing needs you’ll solve with your products and services until you start. The time to start is NOW.


Written by Lynda Omerekpe

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