About TEC Educational Outreaches

Giving – an opportunity for greatness!

In our world today, there is an alarming defect in the quality of education received by the under-privileged mostly in Africa. The UNICEF envisages that at least 22 million children will miss out on pre-primary education, so critical to their later ability to succeed in school and beyond. Our mandate here at TEC is to “Make Greatness Common” and we believe that one major way to do this is to provide key interventions for the less privileged who cannot seem to access quality education as what they seem to have access to is at best learning in un-conducive environments.

We believe that Education is very fundamental to the development of our community and nation at large, hence we do our part by partnering with non-profit organizations to provide scholarship interventions, school for special needs, skill-acquisition training, vocational training. Through our educational interventions, we have been able to help hundreds of less privileged children get better access to quality education and advance to higher education. We see greatness in every child, we believe that everyone has greatness innate in them and we are committed to harnessing this opportunity.

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