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Pastor Godman is the Lead Pastor of The Elevation Church, Lagos, Nigeria which started on the 10th of October 2010 and has been growing steadily since under his leadership. He is a passionate speaker and preacher of the word of God, he believes in deploying people to use their God-given gifts to influence their world.

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Good morning sir, I’m a student, sir, I need your assistance in prayer concerning my education.

Good morning Sir, trust this meets you well.
My name is Olamintan Olaleye and I’ve been attending TEC since April 2018. On Sunday, 25th November I attended the 1st service where you made a prophetic declaration about God changing the life of someone in the next 6 months and how the person should hold on to the relationship that they’re having… though they may not understand.
Good news is I met a guy about a week to this prophetic declaration… and I’ve been praying and holding on to God’s word… I’d like to have a word with you too if you don’t mind. Thank you Sir & have a blessed week ahead

Dear Olamintan, this is great to hear. Could you send a mail to to get slot into a meeting time on any of the counseling days? You will get a response. God bless you

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