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Pastor Godman is the Lead Pastor of The Elevation Church, Lagos, Nigeria which started on the 10th of October 2010 and has been growing steadily since under his leadership. He is a passionate speaker and preacher of the word of God, he believes in deploying people to use their God-given gifts to influence their world.

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Greetings Pastor,
Let me use this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to God for you to answer his call right from your days at FUTA. Though I narrowly missed you in school, I had several files, testimonies and records of God changing many lives through you. God Bless you Sir.

I was a bit not comfortable with the answer you gave yesternight concerning the sister who was afraid that 99% of brothers ask the sisters for sex before marriage. It seemed a bit one sided. I guess it was for want of time. But like you said, it sounded to me like you were holding brief for the brothers. Well, Pastor, I think differently.

I have tried to put my thoughts together to express my opinion.

My Thoughts …
A brother will only ask/manipulate a sister or his fiancée for sex because he lacks understanding. (Proverbs 6:32-35) He has no sense and he destroys himself, as a man drives nails into his own coffin; for He has just activated self-destruct!

Each man must know how to control his own body in holiness and honor. (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5). He does not ‘first hand’ need the help of a godly sister or his Pastor to constantly ‘jack him up’ to safety until they get married. The Brother must do his daily homework without any excuse or fail woefully, because this bodily control does not end with marriage.

A brother is in even greater danger and sexual pressure as a married man than a celibate single. For as a married man, he has tasted and seen. By his experience it is also easier to cover it up. Naturally he tends to appreciate the female folk more because he has first hand knowledge. Hence before marriage is the time to build up his spiritual muscles.

Unlike lying or anger, nobody ‘falls’ into sexual sin (fornication or adultery), you can only confidently, consciously and calculatedly walk into it; for sex must first be concluded in the mind before ever it starts in the body. That’s why it is a sin against your own body. Sexual immorality is never instant. It takes careful planning and some very good time to perfect any successful ‘sexual operation’. On the brothers end, it is even more tedious because he has to consciously work hard negatively to deplete both his and her immune systems completely, before any attempted attempt. This negative work takes time and requires steady mischievous planning.

The missing link among our brothers today is being separated (sanctification) unto godly living, they simply do not practice our closing charge Psalm 1: 1-3.

Now to every brother is dealt a measure of faith, having a certain degree of immunity to any form of sexual immorality attack, but this resistance over sexual immorality requires daily update. Some are long overdue for a ‘resistance update’ 9 months, others 2 years. Hence they contact ‘Spiritual AIDS’ (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). These brothers have fallen to a zero resistance to the slightest form of sexual pressure. `How can such brother resist a pornographic video? Many others do not even have the resistance anti-virus installed in their souls operating system, how will they conduct themselves before an equally vulnerable sister?

The Christian Brothers Daily Shot (excerpts from FSF FUTA with Pastor Sunny Williams):
1. Define/Call sexual immorality by its name: It is not fun. It is not civilization. It is not an uncontrollable emotional desire. It has nothing to do with your SHAPE. Ask Brother Joe, Sexual immorality is Great Sin and Wickedness against God (Genesis 39:9).

2. Sexual Immorality Thrives in Secrecy: Love fellowships. It is not good that a man/brother should be alone with a sister and not his helpmeet. Be accountable. Be open. Avoid ‘private exposures’. Whatever does make manifest is light. Ask Brother Paul the strong bros, Have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them. (Ephesians 5:11-13).

3. Don’t Court Sexual Immorality: Closing Charge. No Standing! No Sitting! No Walking! Military Zone Keep Off! Don’t hang around sin saloon! Courting Sexual immorality causes ‘AIDS’. It consistently depletes your immunity.

4. The mind is the most important sexual tool in the body:

5. Guard Your Heart! Sex is first concluded in the Mind before it Starts in the Body: Fear not sexual immorality cannot happen accidentally. You cannot fall into it you can only walk into it. Sexual immorality must first be processed and concluded in the mind.

6. There is always third-party in sexual immorality, The Jonadab Company: (2 Samuel 13:3)

7. Flee Sexual Immorality: even if you have to leave your coat or go to jail.

Thank you so much for this. We do appreciate it.

Good morning sir, I’m a student, sir, I need your assistance in prayer concerning my education.

Good morning Sir, trust this meets you well.
My name is Olamintan Olaleye and I’ve been attending TEC since April 2018. On Sunday, 25th November I attended the 1st service where you made a prophetic declaration about God changing the life of someone in the next 6 months and how the person should hold on to the relationship that they’re having… though they may not understand.
Good news is I met a guy about a week to this prophetic declaration… and I’ve been praying and holding on to God’s word… I’d like to have a word with you too if you don’t mind. Thank you Sir & have a blessed week ahead

Dear Olamintan, this is great to hear. Could you send a mail to to get slot into a meeting time on any of the counseling days? You will get a response. God bless you

Hi Pastor Gee,
I am a student of exponential conference. Please I need materials or guidelines on operations of the Pastor and Parameters for volunteers operations especially the social medial unit. I hope you can help.

Pastor Mrs Edward king

Dear Ma, please see the website to check out the materials we have for this year. Hope this helps.

Hello Pastor Godman, my name is Ijeoma, I stumbled on TEC while looking for Elevation church during my 21days fast and I have been richly blessed with the early morning prayers everyday, it really has been refreshing praying in the morning with TEC. God richly continually showcase you for answering his call . I hope to join your services on Sunday online if am not in church as the fasting early morning prayer is ending tomorrow. Thank you.

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