About Interest Based Groups

Looking for a family to connect with? We have interest-based connect groups where people with like-minded interests from finance to public speaking to football meet to fellowship and grow with one another.

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Magdalene Etim-Bassey

Interested in musial( playing of musical instruments) and tennis

Hello Magdalene,

Thank you for indicating musical interest. For all your inquiries about small interest based groups, please send an email to smallgroups@elevationng.org

Hello. Compliments of the season. I would like to find out if there are any car pools available to attend services (especially on Sundays) at the Mainland Church. I live at Ikorodu, I am not currently not mobile and it would be of tremendous assistance to me if I could join someone coming to service from Ikorodu.

Hello Regina,

Oh we are so sorry we don’t have car pools available at the Mainland. We are so sorry. However, we will take this up in our meeting for options. But please bear in mind, that we shall be opening a new branch within your axis pretty soon. So keep your fingers crossed. Have a beautiful day!

I am interested in the interest based group specifically cooking.

Dear Ugonma, happy to hear this. Do send a mail to smallgroups@eleevationng.org to indicate your interest in joining and specify the group you would like to join.

I am interested in groups for MSW for bonding, connections, networking as well as a support framework for each other . Thank you.

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