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New Beginnings


If you’ve seen many Januarys, it is tempting to consider a new year just another collection of 365 or 366 days. However, if you are an observer of Kairos, i.e. opportune times and seasons you will know that every decade or thereabout something new happens. There are constantly new developments or reinventions of old ones. These changes may look man made to you, but in reality they are divinely orchestrated. Think about the scripture above- God said, I WILL do a new thing. It is a statement of fact- regardless of whether you believe it or not. So the big question is, ‘who is God going to use to execute His new plans at the turn of this new season?’

If a CEO with a proven success record has a breakthrough idea that will lead the latest revolution in technology, who would he pick to be a part of the winning team? Someone who resists change? Who has refused to learn new skills, talents, and abhors innovation and creativity? Of course not! He will pick someone who is enthusiastic about life. One who is always eager to learn, who may grow in age but not in mind. Someone who can catch the new vision and run with it. Friends, your posture and position will have to change if we are to remain relevant and useful to God. We have to press the refresh button to embrace newness. Unshackle yourself from the old way of reasoning and doing things. Free yourself from religion and press into a true relationship and partnership with God. Seek to know His mind and ask Him what He is doing and how you can be a part of His new plan. Except you reimagine a fresh beginning you will be stuck in the way things have always been. As we engage in a season of waiting on God through prayers and fasting, I pray that we will not be stuck in the old, but God will find us useful vessels for His new plans. Have a truly wonderful New Year


We are starting 21 days of prayer and fasting starting from Monday 6th January till Sunday 26th January 2020. Here are some important information to note:

  • There will be Marvelous Help Prayer Gathering every day starting with early morning prayers from 6-7am. This will hold at Lifepointe Church (PISTIS Annex), 3 Remi Olowude way Marwa Bus-Stop, Lekki, Lagos.
  • Prayers on Saturday will hold at 7am at the Pistis Conference Centre. Please note that we will still pray during our mid-week service.
  • If you cannot make it to any of the prayer gatherings, you can stream online via our YouTube channel.
  • Kindly follow us on all our social media platforms for more information about the Marvelous Help Prayer Gathering and also check your emails for more.
  • We encourage you to pray as you go along with your day and make out time to pray for yourself for at least one hour in the evenings.
  • You can break your fast at 5pm. It is advised that you break your fast with fruits before eating a heavy meal.
  • Document your thoughts – As you fast, God will be speaking to you and dropping ideas into your heart. It is important that you have a notepad or note app on your phone to write them down.
  • Be specific about your prayers – things that are bothering you, family and friends you want to pray for etc.
  • Pregnant women or people who have been otherwise advised by their doctors are exempted from this fast.
  • Prayer points to guide the daily prayers are below:

Prayer guide 2020

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