Why TEC?
The Church Office exists and functions in a supportive capacity, ensuring and facilitating the smooth and effective running of every other part of TEC Ministry. We help fulfil the purpose of TEC!
At TEC, we recognize the importance of creating a motivating, supportive work environment that gives you that fulfilling experience. We want to keep you healthy, happy and effective. Here, we are focused on building an environment where everyone can express their God-given gifts and passions while meeting their work goals at the same time. You will grow in Christ and life in general and meet like-minded people who are not only visionary but are also willing to use their gifts for the growth of the ministry. Do you have a passion for what you do and are you willing to deploy them effectively and creatively? Then TEC is the place for you.
The people we recruit are at the heart of all we do. We believe in excellence, creativity, and innovation. A TEC person is open to problem solving and is open to complex tasks. Here you will be challenged and inspired within a supportive environment whilst working with fellow bright minds.
Wondering where you would fit in at TEC? If you like new ideas, challenges, “re-inventing things”, and working with a talented group of people in a learning-friendly, evolving environment, we want to hear from you. We want to help you develop and make the right career choices.
If the above describes your ideal working place, then check below to view a list of our current openings and how to apply.
Department: Technology
Position Type: Permanent

Job Objective:

The Head of Information Technology oversees the use of IT throughout all TEC expressions, managing the deployment, development, monitoring, maintenance, upgrading and support of TEC IT systems.


Key Deliverables

  • User administration (setup and maintaining account)
  • Maintaining system.
  • Monitor system performance
  • Create a backup and recovery policy
  • Monitor network communication
  • Implement the policies for the use of the computer system and network
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities to improve and update software and systems.
  • Setup security policies for users. A sysadmin must have a strong grasp of computer security (e.g. firewalls and intrusion detection systems)
  • Documentation in form of internal wiki
  • Password and identity management
  • Availability on non-working Days e.g. Sundays and Special events days.
  • Ensure ERP System is up and running.
  • Ensure Daily, Weekly and Periodic Tasks are performed.
  • Overseeing and determining timeframes for major IT projects including system updates, upgrades, migrations and outages
  • Manage vendors and consultants on Project delivery.
  • Running and sharing regular operation system reports with senior staff.
  • Managing and reporting on allocation of IT budget.
  • Providing direction for IT team members.
  • Maintaining and implementing IT policy and best practice guides for the organization.
  • Identifying opportunities for team training and skills advancement.
Skills and Knowledge
Educational Qualification: Bachelor’ Degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering,
Computer Science or related field
Relevant Experience
(Type and minimum years expected):
7+ years’ experience in information technology, with at least 2 years in information technology management role.
Comprehensive understanding of network architecture and client/server technology, Mobile Technology, Data Analytics, ERP Systems, Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing.
Software development abilities preferred.
Experience in analysis, implementation and evaluation of IT systems and their specifications.

Attitude and Behavioural Traits:

  • Strong problem solving and communication skills required
  • Team Player