The Elevation Church Development Schools comprise of 4 classes that are designed to aid in your spiritual growth and walk with God. The classes are taken progressively from Membership to Missions after which a student graduates from the development school system.

Join the Development School

Being great at TEC means getting involved in service and doing your best at it. We have a lot of avenues where you can serve, so feel free to be a part of the Lord’s workforce and join in the harvest. For enquiries on how to get involved in any service unit, please send an email to

Benevolence/ Hospitality


We’re always excited to see our guests at TEC and we do our best to treat them like royalty. Easily one of the friendliest groups of people in church the hospitality team makes you feel the love just for walking through the door. They are the first to say ‘hello’ and also are first to say ‘have a great week’ when you are leaving the premises. In charge of our guest welcome services, you are always in good hands with the hospitality team.

Care Unit

The care unit

Everyone needs a little love and care. We reach out to our church family by providing for their needs with food stuff, clothes and even financially. We also run a monthly benevolence day for the less privileged.



We are here to listen, talk and pray with you. We provide counselling to members of the church either individually or as a group. We provide the essential guidance needed in living a victorious Christian life (Proverbs 11:14 )

Data Management

Data management

Let’s get analytical. We see to the management of the church’s database and interpret data to discover what works here in TEC. We also manage our guest details and ensure they are properly stowed and protected.

Elevation Priests of Praise


Our passion is worship. We are a musical ensemble of singers also known as EPOP, with a passion for God and music. We express our love for God through different genres of music including jazz, soul and pop etc. In every service, we lead the church into God’s presence through inspired praise and worship. If you have musical talent then use it for the Lord. Email to join EPOP.

Facility Managers


We oversee the church facilities and ensure they are in good condition. Our duties range from maintenance of equipment and facilities both in and outside the church auditorium to ensuring the cleanliness of the environment. We also assess health and safety risks before all services.



Our passion is prayer. We intercede for the members of the church, our community, our country and everything else God lays on our hearts to pray about. Thanks our prayer chains, there is always someone praying for you. Prayer is one sure way to grow spiritually so feel free to join us and embrace the discipline of prayer. You’ll be glad you did.t.

Junior Church

Junior church

Our passion is children! We teach the word of God in a fun and child friendly environment. The classes are structured according to age: 0-2, 2-7, 8-12 and 13-19. All our teachers have some experience and undergo trainings to give the kids the best care.



The medical team is made up of qualified medical personnel who are invaluable during our outreach programs to the less privileged. They are also on ground during our services to help in event of any medical emergencies.



Lights, camera, action! We oversee the video coverage of all the programs in church and the television ministry. It’s good, technical work and is a great ministry to be a part of!



We have a core mission to maintain law and order in the church. We also see to the proper running of the pastor’s itinerary, seeing to our guest ministers and ensuring the smooth running of all our events. This department is made up of disciplined, trained and well-seasoned men and women (Military and Paramilitary experience is a plus but not a prerequisite for service in the protocol department).

Prison Outreach


The prison ministry team visits different prisons monthly with medical supplies, food and of course the gospel. They along with lawyers that partner with them also try to get justice for the wrongly incarcerated. There’s a lot more that can be done in the prison system. If you would like to be a part of or support this ministry send an email to

Publications Team


We minister God’s word and message of hope by providing informational resource materials and church literature. We produce the church magazines Elev8, Family Matters as well as tracts and other publicity materials. We also have a photography sub team called Mega Pixels, which caters to event coverage, and other photography needs. To join us, send an email to



We manage the swift production and availability of all our resource materials. Books, CDs, DVDs, downloads, etc. Check out the online store. New members are always welcome.



A great service experience is dependent on various factors including great sound. We aim to give the best possible sound experience in every TEC event. Sound engineers welcome!

Social Media


We manage TEC’s online congregation on our various social media platforms. Aware that there are many people who do not know Jesus online, we are missions focused team driven to spread the gospel as far as technology will let us.

Teenz Nation

Teens nation

Teenagers are full of life, ideas and energy! Rather than stifle their creativity, TN fans the flames of these soon to be adults so that they can blossom into all God has called them to be. Join us to be a part of those shaping the lives of tomorrow’s dynamite leaders. Check out the TN page here

Traffic Warden


The Traffic Control Unit members attend to vehicular movement in and outside the church premises and the roads leading to the church. To be part of the unit, please send an email to

Ushering Department


Our passion to take care of you. We’ll make you feel right at home in the sanctuary to ensure you have a great worship experience. We ensure that order reigns in God’s house and are also on hand to make all our guests feel extra special.

Specialized Ministries

Men of Honour

Men of honour

The men’s fellowship of TEC brings men of all ages together to build each other up to become men of repute: great husbands, fathers, ministers and leaders. All men who seek to be the best they can possibly be are welcome to be a part of our programs and events.

The Bridge

the bridge

The Bridge is the single’s ministry of TEC. At The Bridge, we believe that being single doesn’t mean you should walk alone. We’re committed to walking together to have a wonderful single journey while on your way to wherever God leads you. All singles are welcome including those who were previously married.

The Jewels

The Jewels

The Jewels is the women’s ministry of TEC set to raise an army of women fashioned after palace pillars who will be God’s sharp threshing instrument. All women ages 18 and above are welcome to join in our programs and activities. To get our weekly newsletter, send a email to