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Let’s work with you to overcome personal challenges so you could accomplish mental health, wellness, education, career, marital goals & christian values.

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It’s a collaborative effort between us & you as we help you identify solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil, helping with coping skills, strengthening self-esteem & promoting behavior change.

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We’ll go through with you for as long as it takes until when the problem that you pursued counselling for becomes more manageable or is resolved

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What exactly are you going through today? Where exactly do you need support? What is that challenge that looks debilitating? Know one thing, it is not greater than the wisdom of God and it is also not mightier than the hand of God. Our counsellors will work with you, showing you the way, the truth, and light from God’s word over that situation. Request a free consultation, schedule a callback, or chat with us.


Professional counselling for teenagers & adolescents from 13 – 19 years. Dealing with peer pressure, drug abuse, sex, depression, bi-polar disorders, bullying etc.


Professional therapeutic counselling for adults from 20-50 years. Dealing with job loss, loss of a loved one, heartbreak, career change, depression, malalignment, financial mismanagement, etc.


Counselling for the elderly who are 51 years and older. People dealing with mid-life crisis, loss of a loved one, health challenges, lacking care & support, etc.

Married Couples

Marriage counselling for those about to get married, already married, considering divorce and with abusive partners

Professional Counselling

Offered Free

Individual counselling, group counselling, couples counselling, family counselling bordering on areas such as self-esteem & body image concerns, depression, trauma, relationship concerns, substance abuse, family conflicts, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, career concerns, health talks, crisis counselling, spiritual issues, Christian walk, to mention a few.

Based on a confidential system of trust, TEC counsellors keep in confidence whatever has been discussed with individuals without public exposure of any sort.

Talk to a counsellor
Individual Counselling

Receive personal support to deal with challenges such as anger, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marriage and relationship challenges, parenting problems, school difficulties, career changes, etc. Ranging from short- term easily addressable issues with one or a few counselling sessions to those with a longer period of time.

Group Counselling

You are not alone in that challenge. You can join a group organized around issues like anger management, self-esteem, divorce, domestic violence, recovery from abuse and trauma, and substance abuse and recovery. This gives better understanding of the struggles around the issues and also the variety in the possible solutions available.

Family Counselling

Counselling the whole family together to address concerns around parenting, sibling conflict, loss of family members, new members entering the family, dealing with a major move or a general change affecting the family system such as life change or stress negatively affecting one or all areas of family closeness, family structure (rules and roles) or communication style.

Couples Counselling

Fact is every couple experience ups and downs in their levels of closeness and harmony over time ranging from basic concerns of stagnation to serious expressions of aggressive behaviour. Marriage counselling or couples counselling can help resolve conflicts and heal wounds. Overall, couples counselling can help couples slow down their spiral and reestablish realistic expectations and goals.

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How It Works.

Consultations are free on the TEC counsel platform. Getting counsel simply requires you to make a request as described below:

Step 1:

Call in, request a callback or just use the live chat feature

Use the medium that works best for you to reach us.

Step 2:

We assign a counsellor & get in touch with you

Once we receive your request, we review and assign the right counsellor to get in touch with you. Your counselling journey begins and we track your progress until closure.

Frequently Asked


Some few questions below to get you started.

Who We Are

We are The Elevation Church also known as TEC and have been set up by God to develop members to be witnesses for Christ and still empower them to achieve the highest levels of distinction and greatness in life.

At The Elevation Church, greatness primarily means service. According to Mark 9:35, Jesus said that whoever wants to be great in God’s kingdom must first learn to be the servant of all. The privilege of leadership brings with it a higher calling to serve God and humanity. And as we take definite steps to reach out to elevate one another, we elevate our communities as well. Thus, making the spirit of greatness common. We have a wide variety of ministries and avenues through which our members can serve. Everyone can find a place to spread greatness. So whatever your gift, this is an environment

where you can express it and become all God has created you to be!

How is Professional Counselling with TEC different?

It is different from the normal counselling services because counselling here is scripture-based. Combining God’s word with physical encouragement/therapy to the person being counselled.

Do normal people need counselling?

It is a common misconception to think that only seriously ill people need counselling help. Studies show that over eighty per cent of people can benefit from counselling at some time in their lives. Therefore, it is normal to need counselling when special concerns or difficult feelings arise.

Most people have a problem at some stage in their lives with anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, etc. Therapy can be the most life-changing experience and begins with just a single step. If you are considering it, this is an indication that you probably could benefit from the experience.

Is counselling or psychotherapy right for me?

People attend therapy for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is to deal with long-standing issues such as anxiety or depression. Other times it is in response to unexpected changes, work-related stress, relationship breakup, job loss or work transition etc.

Many seek the support of therapy as they pursue their own personal exploration and growth.  Counselling and psychotherapy are beneficial for anyone interested in getting the most out of their life by taking responsibility, creating greater self-awareness and working towards change in their lives using models of therapy such as CBT, reflective practice and self-awareness.

What is Professional Counselling?

Counselling is a collaborative effort between the counselor and client. Professional counsellors help clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil; seek to improve communication and coping skills; strengthen self-esteem; and promote behavioral change and optimal mental health.

How long does counselling last?

Ideally, counselling is terminated when the problem that you pursued counselling for becomes more manageable or is resolved.

Who are the counsellors?

The counselling service is staffed by a team of professionally trained and widely experienced counsellors who also happen to be the members of The Elevation Church offering their services in honour of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What happens in counselling?

Generally, you will meet for therapy regularly for about fifty minutes usually at the same time once each week. The goal of counselling is to learn about our habits and patterns of feeling and behavior and how they cause us problems. We can then learn new habits and patterns which will be more successful for us.

Counselling provides a special setting in which we can learn about ourselves enabling us to be more effective in our relationships with others and with ourselves.

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About Our Lead Pastor

Godman Akinlabi is the Lead Pastor of The Elevation Church, a non-denominational church founded in 2010 with a God-given mandate to ‘make greatness common’, now with 6 expressions across Nigeria and Canada. A pastor with over 20 years of experience, he is a seasoned and highly sought-after speaker, trainer, and consultant who has taught and inspired people in conferences and churches around the world.

Godman is the visionary behind several initiatives, interventions and community outreaches such as the Pistis Foundation, a non-profit organisation established to be a model provider of empowerment opportunities for the economically challenged with its focus areas on education, health and shelter, Elevate 200 churches, a weekly outreach that began in 2010, which focuses on feeding, training and empowering the less privileged, as well as several large scale Soup Kitchens and free medical outreaches for the less privileged that have held all over Lagos state.

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Testimony of Recovery

Our goal is to see people recover from their challenges or situations faced. We keep seeing testimonies of recovery and here are excerpts of some shared with us.

I thought life was meaningless, but now I see there is more to live for. Thanks to TEC Counsel.

Paul Oriafo – Lekki,Lagos.

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