Accelerate Testimonies
Testimony I want to bless the Lord Almighty for coming through for me with needed resources for my business. I joined the prayer conference yesterday and I keyed into all that Pastor Wale Akinsiku shared, I prayed for timely intervention especially with funding for my purchase. I had to get some goods today and as at yesterday, there was no money at all. I thought I wasn't going to be able to purchase what I needed to complete an order. Only for me to get a payment from one of my old customers who was owing me a huge sum, the funny thing was the person who wanted to buy the items at the market had just gotten there when I made my transfer. It was so timely. Few minutes after that, I got a call from 2 other customers who made instant orders. Needed resources at the most divine time + sales on the spot. Hallelujah. Testimony I Mid-June 2019, I had just been told that my confirmation was not approved at a job I had only been at for 6 months. No reason was provided, and it came as a shock. Before I started this job, I had worked in only one organization and I worked there for 10 years. To say I was devastated is an understatement as this was the type of opportunity I’d been waiting for and I was certain I got an all clear from God to leave my old job. A couple of weeks later was the 2019 Accelerate Conference but I couldn’t attend, and my husband attended on behalf of the family. On the last day of the conference which happened to be the Night of Increase, Bishop Wale Oke made some declarations and gave a word of knowledge which spoke to my situation - he declared that a woman who had lost her job would have the job restored within a specific time. My husband came back home in the morning excited. We prayed about it and reminded God every day of his promise. After about 3 months at home of holding on to God’s promise and refusing to doubt his words spoken through his prophet, I received a call from the company apologizing and offering my job back. I was also asked to resume at my convenience because I was nursing a baby. Since my return to work, God has used me to do amazing things in the organization and I have come back to thank God for his faithfulness. Testimony II - Gordon Omonoseh I settled within myself how much to give as my accelerate seed and I gave it the Sunday Sinach was ministering, after the service, I traveled back to work and within 24 hours I had gotten twice what I sowed as cash gifts. Secondly, I was restless because I felt my salary wasn't a fair reflection of what was obtainable in my industry, I prayed about it during the accelerate conference, few weeks later there was a lengthy review process and at the end, my salary was increased with over 80% and also with an improved condition of service, this can only be God, I am so grateful that I obeyed and gave exactly what God put in my heart, He is ever Faithful, hallelujah! Testimony III - Anonymous I was out of the country while I watched Bishop Wale Oke’s session during last year’s Accelerate Conference (2019). The first word of prophesy he said was “There’s someone here who had 2 miscarriages in the first half of the year, I will give you double for your trouble. By this time next year, you’ll have a set of twins.” Oh! How I held on to those words with so much faith and stood in the gap for my brother’s wife who had two traumatizing miscarriages during the first half of 2019. Indeed, she is pregnant and By God’s Grace will put to bed anytime soon from the first week of July this year. Exactly as Bishop Wale Oke said that by this time (July 2019), next year (July 2020) you will have a set of twins. They’re not having a set of twins though but who knows God might just end up surprising us *huge smile on my face* There is God oh! What can’t He do?! Testimony IV - Temitope FadeyiWhen we were preparing for the last Accelerate Conference, the Lord put it on my heart to quit my teaching job and go and set up a school. So in the Accelerate prayer card, I asked God to give me Marvellous Help in starting His own school. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but he knew and He had already lined up helpers along the way to answer my prayer. He raised a mentoring business incubation program in Church called PEEP to teach me how to run a business. He raised lots of training on how to start up and run a school of His choice. Many of the trainings were free and when I had to pay, He provided money. By December, things were not working the way I expected, and I got discouraged. God raised up the RESET Prayer Program to encourage and strengthen me to go ahead. He also ministered deeply to me through the two-part message series “Following the Star 1& 2”. He told me not to worry about the Priest and the Levite that did not stop to help me. Rather I should thank Him for the Good Samaritan that stopped to help me and showed me kindness. He assured me that the challenges that came up did not mean that He has given up on me. I got up and started planning towards March 16th, but God told me to wait. I felt in my heart that I had waited too long and could not wait any longer but He asked me if I was starting His own school or my own school, so I answered that I was starting His own school. With that answer, I chose to wait. If I had not listened to Him, I would have started on Monday and all schools were asked to close on Thursday because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I really thank Him for helping me to obey Him because I would have wasted a lot of resources. The school rent would have been counting, I would have been bothered so much with a lot of issues that I might not be able to handle as a new school. Fast forward to today, God is a covenant-keeping God, He has raised a team for me during the pandemic that I didn’t have before the pandemic. He has given me all kinds of amazing innovations and strategies for running the school. On July 11th, I will be celebrating a year of stepping out in boldness on starting His own school. I praise God for His Marvellous help! Testimony V - Afolabi Last year during Accelerate prayer Conference, we were told to write down our prayer requests which I did so much expectation. I wanted a new job and a very good pay; I wanted a change in my financial situation and a divine turnaround in my side business; and I also wanted divine direction in my marital destiny. When a call was made to sow a seed, I didn't have the money but I pledged and thank God I was able to redeem the pledge. In September 2019, I got a job with a multinational company, it came with a car, better pay and an excellent working environment. At first the HR said I wasn't qualified because of the cadre I was coming from, but God in His miraculous way made way, I had already lost hope but God showed Himself. Also, since then, God has been sustaining me in a miraculous and I haven’t been broke since. Finally, I want to thank God because He's working on my marital destiny.