by Pistis Empowerment Foundation

Pistis Empowerment Foundation of the Elevation Church is happy to introduce Wings Academy to you. Wings Academy has been set up as a platform where the talents and passions of our children and teenagers can be developed into skills that can be used e?ectively. Our vision is to help young people identify and develop their natural talents or gifts into skills that achieve global recognition and impact. We aim to achieve our vision by providing an enabling and nurturing environment driven by experienced and skilled instructors, strategic partnerships and technology. All these give a platform for our students to engage their talents on a global level.


Level: Grade 1 Music Theory & Piano

Does your child love music and would you like them to develop this passion and talent into a skill?
Then Wings Academy is the place to be. There's a faculty of experienced and certi?ed instructors who would teach using the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) curriculum starting with Grade1. Students will move to subsequent grades when they meet the determined criteria. They would also adequately prepare for external examinations beginning with ABRSM Grade 1 exams in November 2018.

Level: Grade 1. Music Theory & Piano.
Term: April July 2018 (12 weeks)
Age 8 - 9 years old Maximum
number of students: 20
Age: 10-12 years old Maximum
Fee: NGN 20, 100
Criteria: Student must have a passion for music and play a musical instrument at the most basic level.

Creative Writing

Level: Basic Term

Has your child shown an interest in writing and you simply want to develop the quality of their writing skills? This module caters to your needs and expectations. We have adopted the Oakleigh curriculum for creative writing and would be delivered by experienced Oakleigh certi?ed professionals.

Level: Basic Term: April- July 2018 (12 weeks)
Age: 8-9 years old
Maximum number of students: 10
Age: 10-12 years old
Fee: NGN 17, 000
Criteria: Students must have an understanding of the various protocols of English Language and have an aptitude for writing.


Programming with robotics

Programming with robotics is an introduction to concepts in the world of computer coding and programming. This will enable young students develop programming and thinking skills, and the pro?ciency required to learn text based languages such as programming with Python. This will be an exciting journey for your child.

Term: April-July 2018 (12 weeks)
Age: 8-10 years old
Maximum Number of students: 20
Fee: NGN 40, 600 (Price includes robotic kits.)
Criteria: Passion and eagerness to learn.


With PythonLevel: Basic Term

Python is a high level programing language that has 6 levels from basic to pro?cient. When the student has completed all six levels, they are quali?ed to register for Python Certi?ed Associate Programmer (PCAP) exam, a professional certi?cation. We would commence with the ?rst level which is Basic for the ?rst semester. The student will progress to the next level each semester until all 6 levels are completed and they successfully complete the certi?cation.

Level: Basic Term: April-July (12 weeks)
Age: 11-12 years old
Maximum Number of students: 10
Price: NGN 21, 600
Criteria: Aptitude for programming and every student is expected to have a laptop.