• The Healing Power

    I will like to use this medium to share my testimony about the healing power in the name of Jesus. I have had long standing Respiratory Tract Infection as i was born premature. Every time i get a flu, it results in a RTI that will last for at least 2-3 months with different antibiotics.

    I had an episode last week and i started to get scared as i am currently pregnant.i had started treatments for a week till i came for service on Sunday(8th of May 2016) and Pastor Tunde was preaching about Supernatural healing. Pastor asked that we lay our hands on any part of our body with challenges, i put my hand on my throat and by the time i got home ,the symptoms had disappeared to the point that i started looking for the symptoms but God had taken them all away.

    I am grateful for the teaching and for the hand of supernatural healing upon my life.

    By: Yemisi Ajibade-Soyombo
  • How I Narrowly escaped An Accident

    I woke up very late on a rainy day and was rushing to church on a sunday morning. I had to bargain with a bike who had to drop me just less than a minute when we didnt agree and out of rush, i jumped into a bus heading to Onikpan along Ikorodu express way so as to continue my journey in bits. Along the way one of the back tires just went off while the bus was on speed and the bus driver had to manoeuvre the bus to a steady pace and with everyone in fear and with sudden commotion in the bus, the driver was able to bring the bus to a halt

    In all and by the glory of God, we all went out of the bus without any scratch and pain in any part of our body even when the driver had to look out for the loosed tyre in almost a mile away

    I am grateful to God for watching over my life.

    By: Ajiboy E.S
  • Testimony: Accelerate
    I want to testify to the glory of God. On the Friday of the accelerate programme I was so bombarded by clients paying even in advance for goods and services ! That Friday , I almost got to a point where I wanted to say " please could you all just leave! I have a church programme !" But someone close to me said " is this not the acceleration you've been asking for ?" " you can not drive away God's accelerated blessings after praying for it" Within the past week it's been favor upon favor . Praise The Lord. Mrs Adetokunbo Agbesanwa
  1. February 1, 2017

    I started coming to Elevations in 2014 after deciding to move back to Nigeria, although I am no longer in Nigeria. God has never failed me, I have struggled emotional since I came back but he has blessed me with a job, that although I do not love at time I needed it and he has taught me not to worry- as better things are to come. In addition to this, I want to thank the Lord for leading me Elevation- there is no church like it! I feel so inspired and know that God is at work.

  2. September 7, 2017

    I want to use this medium to give glory to my awesome God for the miracle of last minute he did for my husband and I. We applied for Irish visas on the 23rd of June 2017. The waiting period is stated to be 6-8 weeks so we proceeded to buy tickets to travel on the 14th of August which would be the 8th week exactly. We had to buy the tickets because the prices were increasing on a daily basis. I put in prayer requests for speedy granting of visas during the June prayer challenge and also in the subsequent morning player challenge sessions. We didn’t get any communication from the visa office and after 6 weeks of waiting, my husband contacted the Irish embassy for enquiries on the state of issuance. He was told that our application had not even been attended to. At that point, we decided to start fasting until the visas are issued. On the Monday of the 7th week, my husband tracked the progress of the visa and it had not been issued. I prayed and asked God to issue the visas by Wednesday of that week and to let the passports get back to us by Friday. We were scheduled to travel on the following Monday and if we don’t have the passports back by Friday, then we would have to pay a lot to change the tickets or cancel the travel all together. My husband called the embassy on Wednesday morning and they told him that the visas have been issued and that the courier service would pick up the passports that evening for onward delivery to Lagos. My God did it as I asked because at exactly 11am on Friday morning, the courier service turned up at our address with the passports.
    I testify to the glory of God. He showed up for me when I called on him. To God be the glory.
    Ifeyinwa Menkiti

  3. March 19, 2018

    Good afternoon,

    I have come to return all the glory to our God who hears and answers prayers

    I have been studying to earn a certification for a global elite professional body examination for several months.

    I also took a training class for the Examination in December 2017 in London, and made several efforts , but I knew that only God can do it for me, hence I prayed with my unit
    members (NBM), prayed at my connect Group and submitted a prayer request on the Prayer wall setup in church

    I went in for exams Today , Monday the 19th 2018 and indeed God went with me as the result was successful and qualifies me to be a member of this Global e
    lite Professional body.

    Praise the lord.

    Bor Kunle Abisoye

  4. March 23, 2018

    God is forever faithful

    January 17th 2016, pastor PG prophesied about someone that was pregnant and didn’t know because she wasn’t feeling any symtomps, i claimed the world even though i had miscarried exactly a month ago and was still expecting my monthly flow, Wednesday of that week a very close friend advised i took a PT test which i did and it was Positive, My Son is 18months now. Beginning of March i saw a post On TEC instagram page to send in our prayer requests, i sent mine which fruit of the womb was part of as well, 10days later i confirmed i was pregnant, too good to be true right?? But yeah that is the kind of God we serve, JEHOVAH OVERDO!!! Our God is an awesome God. God bless Elevation Church, God bless Pastor PGEE.


  5. June 25, 2018

    To God be the Glory. I came for Acclerate conference 2018 with an expectant heart and to be part of all sessions,and to his glory
     I was divinely blessed at my workplace ,where i am less than a year yet i was among those that received a 12% salary increase despite what everyone assumed ,God came through as Pastor Mensa Otabil prophesied  that come thursday that God will make provision for something great and indeed this came to pass, as i received this letter on Thursday.
    2nd Testimony is of healing.
    Pastor Victor Adeyemi emphasised the power of believing in our healing prayer. i have had serious pains in my right shoulder for 5years since I had my son, I have seen physiotherapist both abroad and Nigeria, I have had to take steroids to numb the pain but this only last for a while and pain returns. I have consistently exercised,massaged the shoulder yet pain persist.
    To the Glory of God Friday was a miracle as I only had to lay my hands on the shoulder and now I am able to lift and move higher than I ever could in 5 years. I am amazed, thankful and humble that indeed God is God for all the blessings this past days.

  6. July 23, 2018

    I would like to thank God for his faithfulness upon my life. I chose this medium because i keep forgetting after coming to church.

    The community where i took my SSCE exam had a clash with a neighboring village so i learnt the school was burnt down and i couldn’t go to collect my certificate.

    Mid last year 2017, there was a need to update my documents at work so i contacted NECO for a reprint of my original certificate,providing all necessary details but i was told certificates are printed only once. I had no choice but to contact the school, the principal said he couldn’t find my certificate because its been a long time.

    I had also applied to collect my transcript from the university where i studied,normally it takes 2 weeks to process a transcript but 6 months after application all i was getting was there were still collating my results. I became curious,so i made further enquiry only to hear that my file was missing from the department. Hmmm double fight !!!!

    I became restless and i came to church one of those Sundays,for prayer of agreement and a pastor prayed with me.

    After a week, the principal called that he had found my certificate…with joy i received the good news and the certificate was forwarded to me.

    I was hoping to hear good news concerning my transcript too but the school went on strike. Hmmm gradually i lost hope in that area so i decided to do a first degree all over. I applied to a school in Canada and i was referred to their documents verification office in Lagos, along the line i realized it will be difficult to get a visa at my age considering the fact that i was applying for a first degree.

    WOW!! I was left with no option but to run back to God in 2018.

    3 weeks before accelerate, i told God getting my transcript can only be a miracle because i don’t know what else to do again.
    I came out again for another prayer of agreement asking God for a testimony during accelerate.

    The next week while at work the Holy Spirit put in my heart whom to call, this is the same person i had called in 2017 before the school went on strike.

    I called him and he said he’s been thinking about me,but wasn’t sure if my transcript was released, so i told him i was still hopful.

    He asked me to forward some documents,that a new file will be created for me,so i did that in few minutes.

    A week to accelerate my transcript was posted to my office….AND THE DEVIL IS DEFEATED!!
    I am so grateful because God has given me this victory…….may His Name be praised for ever and ever amen!!!!


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