• The Healing Power

    I will like to use this medium to share my testimony about the healing power in the name of Jesus. I have had long standing Respiratory Tract Infection as i was born premature. Every time i get a flu, it results in a RTI that will last for at least 2-3 months with different antibiotics.

    I had an episode last week and i started to get scared as i am currently pregnant.i had started treatments for a week till i came for service on Sunday(8th of May 2016) and Pastor Tunde was preaching about Supernatural healing. Pastor asked that we lay our hands on any part of our body with challenges, i put my hand on my throat and by the time i got home ,the symptoms had disappeared to the point that i started looking for the symptoms but God had taken them all away.

    I am grateful for the teaching and for the hand of supernatural healing upon my life.

    By: Yemisi Ajibade-Soyombo
  • How I Narrowly escaped An Accident

    I woke up very late on a rainy day and was rushing to church on a sunday morning. I had to bargain with a bike who had to drop me just less than a minute when we didnt agree and out of rush, i jumped into a bus heading to Onikpan along Ikorodu express way so as to continue my journey in bits. Along the way one of the back tires just went off while the bus was on speed and the bus driver had to manoeuvre the bus to a steady pace and with everyone in fear and with sudden commotion in the bus, the driver was able to bring the bus to a halt

    In all and by the glory of God, we all went out of the bus without any scratch and pain in any part of our body even when the driver had to look out for the loosed tyre in almost a mile away

    I am grateful to God for watching over my life.

    By: Ajiboy E.S
  • Testimony: Accelerate
    I want to testify to the glory of God. On the Friday of the accelerate programme I was so bombarded by clients paying even in advance for goods and services ! That Friday , I almost got to a point where I wanted to say " please could you all just leave! I have a church programme !" But someone close to me said " is this not the acceleration you've been asking for ?" " you can not drive away God's accelerated blessings after praying for it" Within the past week it's been favor upon favor . Praise The Lord. Mrs Adetokunbo Agbesanwa
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